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Use of cookies

When using the websites of Posten Norge and Bring, you agree to allow us to place cookies in your browser.

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"Cookies" - or information capsules - are small text files that are placed in your web browser's internal memory when you visit a website. These are used, among other things. to improve the user experience and content, provide us with data for analysis and statistics, personalisation and marketing. The most commonly used web browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.) are set up to accept cookies automatically, but you can choose to change your settings so that cookies are not accepted. You can do this in the web browser's help section, and it will then delete all cookies and block all new ones or notify you before a cookie is stored.

Data collected from these cookies is anonymised and cannot be used to identify you as a person. We recommend that you allow your browser to accept cookies from posten.no, so that your user experience is improved and you can take advantage of all the features of our websites.

Overview of the cookies we use on our website and what they record:

Cookies for analysis purposes (to provide an enhanced user experience)

Google Analytics

An analysis tool that records usage patterns on posten.no, so we better understand how you use our websites. Data collected is used to improve the site and your user experience. On Google's own pages you can read more about how they collect and protect data.


An analysis tool that anonymously analyses user behaviour on posten.no, so that we can understand usage patterns and identify potential improvements to functionality and appearance.

Visual Website Optimizer

An analysis tool used to understand user behaviour on Norway Post's websites with the purpose of improving the user experience.

Cookies that provide information for marketing purposes


Cookies used to measure the effect of adverts and to enable the presentation of more relevant ads on external websites.

Google Conversion Tracking

Registers what happens after you click on one of our ads. Enables us to improve your ads to best suit you and to enhance the user experience on our landing pages.

Google Dynamic Remarketing

Gathers information used to show custom ads to you based on which sections of posten.no you have visited.

Facebook Connect & Facebook Custom Audience

Used to verify if you have a Facebook profile to be able to reach you with Facebook ads after visiting posten.no, and to measure the effectiveness of the ads. The data is anonymised and no personal information is recorded. Read more about Facebook's privacy policy and how you can change your settings.

Delta Projects

Cookie used to produce the best possible custom ads based on online user behaviour.

LinkedIn Ads & LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Allows us to create targeted ads on LinkedIn for previous visitors to posten.no. This aims to create more relevant ads for the individual user based on previous areas of interest on posten.no. These capsules do not record any personal information and all data is anonymised.  Read more about how to manage your privacy settings.

Cookies used for customer interaction


A Salesforce.com cookie used to track customer behaviour, designed to optimise user quality for visitors to the page, including an enhanced browsing experience, form processing and email delivery. For more information about iGoDigital’s cookie terms, visit Salesforce's websites.

Google Tag Manager

Used to organise and publish scripts and tags on the website.

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