The future of autonomous delivery services in Posten Norge

Autonomous sidewalk robots and drone deliveries- what will Posten Norge look like in the future?

When: Wednesday 28th of September / 09.30-10.30

Where: Postens Innovation hub (3rd floor at Posthuset), Biskop Gunnerus gate 14, 0185 Oslo (Entrance from Oslo Central station) (Note! If we get many participants, we might have to move to a bigger room at Posthuset)

What: For Oslo Innovation Week 2022 Posten Norge would like to invite you to an exciting hour where we will gather many different perspectives on the future of autonomous delivery services. The event will be focused on two ongoing projects in Posten, autonomous drone deliveries and deliveries with autonomous sidewalk robots. For this event we welcome a wide variety of stakeholders from the autonomous transport and logistics chain, including a drone start-up, integrator for autonomous services, research institution and more. Se the full program below.



1) Welcome + Introduction by the Department of Emerging Technologies in Posten Norge.

Posten's strategy and goals for technology innovation. What is the ET department's role and purpose, and what kind of projects we do.

Speaker: Sven Richard Magerøy Tønnessen, Head of the Emerging Technologies department Posten Norge

Sven Richard Magerøy Tønnessen
Sven Richard Magerøy Tønnessen

2) What is the focus of the research for autonomous transport and logistics?

Speaker: Ross Owen Phillips, Researcher I, logistics  and innovation

Ross Owen Phillips
Ross Owen Phillips

3) A roadmap for sustainable urban mobility and micro mobility – focus areas, measures and goals for the future, including distribution of goods and autonomous transport.

Speaker: Arve Kirkevold, project manager sustainable urban transport and micromobility

Arve Kirkevold
Arve Kirkevold

4) Drone deliveries and autonomous sidewalk robots- What have we learnt from these projects? What do we gain by co-creating and collaborating?

Speakers: Paal Arthur Thorseth, Senior advisor. Drifa Hrund Danielsdottir, Senior advisor

ThorsetDanielsdottir kopi.jpg
Paal Arthur Thorset & Drifa Danielsdottir

5) How do we speed up testing and implementation of autonomous transport services?

Speaker: Hans Fridberg, Head of Holo Norway.

Hans Fridberg,
Hans Fridberg

6) What are the needs and expectations for a customer like Nemko Norlab to participate in a tech.experiment?

Speaker: Grim Gjønnes, Head of R&D and Digitization at Nemko Norlab AS.

Grim Gjønnes
Grim Gjønnes

7) Showcasing of drone- Aviant is a start-up that delivers an end-to-end drone service for transport of cargo. Project partner in the autonomous drone deliveries project.

Speaker: Lars Erik Fagernæs, CEO

Lars Erik Fagernæs
Lars Erik Fagernæs


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