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Posten and Bring's new logistics centre opened in Trondheim

Posten Norge has consolidated four terminals in Trondheim into one new logistics centre. It will be the workplace of 490 employees, and on Friday 15 September they celebrated the opening of the new building.

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Brothers Odd Roger (left) and Per Ivar Tiller have 75 years of experience between them from Posten and Bring. Both are regional directors in central Norway, for mail and logistics, respectively, and have joint responsibility for the new logistics centre. Here together with CEO Tone Wille during the official opening on 15 September. PHOTO: Tore Oksnes / Posten

Trondheim Logistics Centre (LST) is one of Posten Norge's nationwide network of 18 logistics centres. So far, 11 terminals are in operation and Trondheim is the first of the major cities. Next month, a new logistics centre will open in Oslo, and in a couple years, Bergen, Stavanger and Tromsø will also have new logistics centres.

Strengthened service offering

"The goal is to strengthen our offering, streamline operations and exploit economies of scale. Common terminals provide more integrated production, and we can combine mail, parcels and freight to customers with reduced traffic loads and emissions. This is what it will take for a Norwegian-based logistics group to compete with major international companies," said CEO Tone Wille during the opening ceremony on 15 September.

Europe's most environmentally friendly

The logistics centre at Torgård south of Trondheim city centre is Europe's most environmentally friendly terminal, and will be an important hub in Posten and Bring's nationwide logistics network. With new technology, and efficient and environmentally friendly solutions, the logistics centre is very important for the Group, customers and the 490 employees who will work here.

Effective co-location

The environmental benefits are partly due to the fact that postal and logistics operations are co-located. This has reduced the building footprint from the previous 36 000 sq m spread over four terminals at Sluppen and Brattøra to 26 000 sq m at Torgård. This alone reduces CO₂ emissions by 250 tonnes per year. In addition, transport routes are streamlined.

"The vehicles are filled up even more than before, not just because volumes are increasing, but also because we work smarter," emphasises CEO Wille.

Other environmental measures of note are:

- 65 high-speed bay doors that halve energy consumption compared to the old solution.
- Solar panels and wind turbines producing 530 000 kilowatt hours a year, which amounts to around 25 per cent of our total energy needs.
- A bank of 48 batteries that stores power for our nearly 80 electric vehicles.
- Mini wind turbines on the light posts in the parking lot for light and charging of electric bicycles.
- Measures to make it easier for employees to bike to work.