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New mailing address for 4 000 households

Effective from 1 October 2017, 4 000 households and 1 000 businesses will be assigned a new postal code or new postal location name. The biggest changes will apply in the Elverum area. Everyone affected will be notified by 1 August.

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These are the most important changes for postal code and postal location names:

Elverum will see some changes, including two new postal codes.
8328 Storemolla will change name to 8328 Stormolla.
3666 Tinn Austbygd, a postal code used only for mailboxes, will change to 3666 Atrå. 3650 Tinn Austbygd will not change.
The mailbox addresses at Posten Norge and Bring's new logistics centre in Trondheim will be assigned a new name: Torgarden, which must follow the mailbox number.
Some postal codes no longer in use will be removed.
The changes are taking place to achieve the most effective postal distribution possible, or at the request of municipalities, organisations, local residents’ or interest groups, or customers who wish to change their postal address for local or historical reasons. October 1 is the fixed date for implementing changes to postal code and postal location names in Norway.

Correct mailing address is important

Using the correct address will improve the quality of mail delivery. Posten Norge therefore encourages customers to inform their contacts regarding their new mailing address. It is also important that each mailbox be clearly marked with the name of everyone living in the household.

A detailed overview of all the changes will be posted on www.bring.no in week 39. The changes will be accessible on Posten Norge's address and postal number search function  from 1 October.