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New mail carrier uniforms launched

Posten and Bring are modernising their uniforms with a new design and the latest in smart workwear.

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Ny uniform
The new Posten uniform for 2017. PHOTO: Jørgen Gomnæs / Posten

The employees in Posten Norge and Bring are hard at work throughout the country every day of the week. Mail carriers and drivers are easy to recognise in their red and green uniforms. Now they have contributed to a major upgrade of their workwear.

"Our employees are getting uniforms with modern styles and fabrics. This ensures uniforms that are high quality, more durable and easier to use," says Tone Wille, CEO of Posten Norge.

Smart solutions

It has been an extensive process, in which mail carriers, drivers and terminal workers contributed their input and customised solutions. Among other things, the new uniforms have an insulated pocket for a mobile phone.

The uniforms have a simpler and more functional design, with fewer potential weak points. The outerwear has a mechanical stretch feature, a tailored cut, and a triple-layer smart system for improved breathability and insulation.

In addition, some minor changes have been made to the colour and design of the new uniforms.

Trust is important

"Posten and Bring enjoy a high level of trust in Norwegian society. It's important for us to have easily recognisable employees in uniform. This is more than workwear; it's a symbol of the excellent service for which our employees are known," says Wille.

Every year, Posten Norge spends around NOK 10 million on new uniforms. Costs will now be reduced because the uniform collection consists of fewer pieces, has a longer life cycle and will require lower stock levels.

Likes the new uniform

Mail carrier Jan Vidar Kveen of Hamar is one employee who has tried the new collection.

"My first impression is very positive! This is a clear improvement, and I like the sporty design. It's a bit like the clothing you would wear on a hike in the mountains. It's both comfortable and modern," says Kveen.

The old uniforms will still be used in some locations for the time being. The new uniforms will gradually replace the old ones as they wear out. By the end of 2019 everyone will have a new uniform.