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Logistics centre opened for future e-commerce

Crown Prince Haakon today officially opened Posten and Bring's Oslo Logistics Centre.

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HRH Crown Prince Haakon opened the Oslo Logistics Centre, here on stage with CEO Tone Wille. Photo: Håvard Jørstad/ Posten Norge

If you have ordered anything online, your parcel has probably gone through Posten Norge's brand new logistics centre at Alnabru in Oslo. This is one of Europe's most modern and environmentally friendly facilities, and can sort over 20 000 parcels per hour.

"The logistics centre is the very heart of our nationwide network of modern terminals, and an example of how we are developing and preparing ourselves for the future. We have reduced the number of terminals from over 40 to 18 and streamlined the interaction between them. This improves predictability and precision for our customers," says CEO Tone Wille during the opening.

E-commerce in Norway is still in its early stages, and home deliveries are becoming increasingly important. Posten Norge is positioning itself for the e-commerce of the future. The Group has therefore invested NOK 1.5 billion in the new logistics centre.

"We will offer the people and companies of Norway excellent, flexible delivery services. Delivering things will never go out of date, it will just happen in new ways at an ever faster pace," says CEO Tone Wille. 

The logistics centre is the result of co-locating Posten Norge and Bring's previous terminals at Karihaugen and Skårer. The Alnabru co-location is estimated to reduce the number of kilometres driven by 10 000 per day. In addition, the terminal is closer to customers and the railway freight terminal.
The logistics centre is ideally located – in the centre of Oslo, at the heart of the Group's largest market.

"There are major environmental benefits to be gained by centralising the handling of parcels, freight and temperature-controlled goods. It reduces climate emissions from road traffic in Oslo, and is fully in line with our ambitious environmental goals," says Wille.

During the opening, the Crown Prince got to drive an electric vehicle used by mail carriers all over Norway. The opening ceremony was also attended by customers, partners, employees from Posten Norge and Bring, and representatives from government agencies.

FACTS about Posten Norge and Bring's Oslo Logistics Centre

Co-location of terminals for freight, parcels and temperature-controlled goods
1 100 employees work here
Cost NOK 1.5 billion
73 000 square metres in size – equivalent to 10 football pitches
Handles over 30 million parcels a year
Processes the equivalent of 3 000 transport trucks a month