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Easier to redirect or hold mail during the holidays

All distribution companies can now access Posten Norge's address register. This means that it is now possible for customers to send just one message to avoid a full mailbox while on vacation.

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As part of its universal service obligations, Posten Norge provides updates on address changes to all mail providers who keep their own address registers. They will have access to information about who has requested temporary mail redirection or holding. No mail providers have taken advantage of this service so far.

"The service has been established to ensure that mail is delivered to the correct destination or is held during holiday periods. But it requires all mail distributors to access the service and check their address lists against Posten Norge's list. In addition, the individual mail distributors must make arrangements to manage its own mail," says EVP Communications in Posten Norge, Elisabeth Gjølme.

The easiest way to have mail temporarily redirected or held during the holidays is to go in to posten.no. Here you can request that your mail be held if you are going to be away for a longer period, or redirected if you are waiting for something important. Keep in mind that packages will not be redirected, so you may want to think about where you want your packages sent when you order.

Posten Norge estimates that this year around 100 000 households will request mail to be temporarily redirected or held.