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Digital signatures saved Nittedal Municipality 144 working days

Nittedal Municipality uses the Digipost digital signature service when hiring new employees. This has led to a more efficient process and less work – both for the municipality and for the recipient.

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The digital signature solution from Digipost makes archive worker Abdelilah Lemriri's working day a little easier. Here he is demonstrating the solution to Communications Manager Torkel Bergstøl (right) in Nittedal Municipality.

"We discovered that we spent a lot of time and money on our recruitment processes. In Nittedal Municipality we hire many people in the course of a year. The nine most-used HR processes resulted in 6 500 scanning jobs a year. This equates to 144 working days. We want to use that time more effectively," says Torkel Bergstøl, Communications Manager in Nittedal Municipality.

Simpler process

All new employees must sign multiple documents before starting their job. Previously, these documents – often as many as 28 – were printed out and sent in the mail. Then they were signed, returned and scanned before being filed in the digital archives of Nittedal Municipality. This entire process has become much simpler after they implemented Digipost's digital signature service.

"We also discovered that we already had much of the information we were asking new employees to fill out. This is a waste of time. Now we send them the information we have and ask them just to provide whatever is missing and sign everything in one go," says Bergstøl. "This also works well in procurement, when contracts have to be signed."

Saves money

Over 350 municipalities in Norway are using Posten Norge's Digipost today, mainly through the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities' (KS) SvarUt service.

"That means we're up and running. An important goal for the municipalities is to save money and cut time-consuming processes. Good digital solutions can help achieve this," says Thomas Mathisen, SVP for Digipost in Posten Norge.

Several municipalities use Digipost to distribute digital mail in addition to our invoicing and digital signature services. All these services help municipalities improve communication with their inhabitants, as well as save them a great deal of time and money every year.

"The option is ready and waiting; now it’s up to more municipalities to starting using the services to which they already have access, and they can achieve the same benefits as Nittedal. All they need is the will to starting using new and smarter solutions," says Mathisen.


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