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Bring team in place for UCI Road World Championships

Many were interested in joining the Bring team for the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Road World Championships. The nine team members have now been selected, and manager Mads has complete faith in them.

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Here are most of the members of Bring's team for the UCI Road World Championships. From left: Morten Armyr, Pål Skjønhaug, Tove Lystad, Leif Gunnar Bjerke (who will act as sports director, driver and mechanic), Bill Søbstad, Kimberly Tvedten, Geir Tony Brovold and Mona Marthinsen. Front row, right: Mads Kaggestad. Daniel Stavsøien and Mette Kylgård were unable to attend. Photo: Tore Oksnes.

Bring is the official logistics supplier for the UCI Road World Championships in Bergen in September, and in this connection a call went out for employees who wanted to cycle from Oslo to Bergen. Nine excited employees in Posten Norge and Bring have been selected and are already undergoing training.  

Many wanted to take part

More than a hundred employees applied when the opportunity to join Bring's cycling team was announced last week. 

"The team selection panel was fortunate to have so many good candidates to choose from," says Jørn Michalsen in Group Communications.

The team consists of nine members,  three of whom were selected in advance and will serve as captains. The remaining six will be hobby cyclists who will cycle the route as a challenge.

The cycling team members are:

Tove Lystad from Skedsmo. Contract controller in the Mail Division.
Mona Marthinsen from Kolbotn. Mail carrier in Nydalen.
Bill Søbstad from Nittedal. Key Account Manager in the E-commerce Division.
Pål Skjønhaug from Fredrikstad. Advisor in Customer Service in Sarpsborg.
Kimberly Tvedten from Skjetten. Key Account Manager in Bring at Alnabru in Oslo.
Daniel Stavsøien from Bergen. Shipping agent in Bring in Bergen.
Morten Armyr from Vestli in Oslo (captain). Works in Philatelic (Stamp) Service.
Geir Tony Brovold from Kolbotn (captain). Section manager at the Eastern Norway terminal.
Mette Kylgård from Kløfta (captain). Advisor in the HR Centre.

Manager Mads

Seven of the nine participants met for the first time on Monday. They also met Mads Kaggestad, who, with a glint in his eye, introduced himself as their manager. He will follow up the participants during their training period prior to the start of the race from Oslo on Wednesday 20 September. The team is expected to arrive in Bergen on the penultimate day of the championships, Saturday 23 September.

"They’re is a wonderful group of fitness enthusiasts who have accepted the challenge with a smile. They make great ambassadors for Posten Norge and Bring. The fact that so many people applied to join the team shows that health and fitness are highly valued at this workplace", says Mads Kaggestad.

You can follow the Bring team both before and during the race on Posten Norge and Bring's social media channels #bringsykkelvm