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Group management

Group management in Posten Norge has strategic and operational responsibility for the profitability of their areas.

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Tone Wille

CEO (since October 2016)


Born: 1963
Previous positions: Executive Vice President of Finance (CFO) and IT in Posten Norge AS, Director of Finance and Corporate Governance in the Mail Division of Posten Norge AS, Investment Director at Norfund, Senior VP and CFO at GE Energy (Norway) AS and the former Kværner Energy AS.
Education: Master of Economics and Business Administration


Irene Egset

Executive Vice President of Finance (CFO) (since January 2019)


Born: 1967
Previous positions: CFO at Statkraft, Executive Vice President Corporate Staff at Statkraft
Education: Master of Economics and Business Administration

Randi Løvland

Executive Vice President HR and HSE (since September 2008)

Randi Løvland

Born: 1957
Previous positions: Transport Director and Communications Manager in Posten Norge AS, Division Director and Strategy Manager in Bravida Oslo og Akershus AS, union leader in the Den norske Postorganisasjon
Education: Posten Norge


Morten Stødle

Executive Vice President IT and Digitalisation (since October 2016)

Morten Stødle

Born: 1962
Previous positions: CIO Dyno Nobel AS, Vice President ABB Offshore Systems, CIO Umoe Oil and Gas, various IT management and project management positions in Aker Engineering and Norwegian Petroleum Consultants
Education: Marketing

Alexandra Saab Bjertnæs

Executive Vice President Strategy and Communications (since June 2017)


Born: 1971
Previous positions: SVP Sales, Marketing and Customer Service in Logistics Division at Posten Norge, various management positions within sales and strategy in Posten Norge AS as well as in Preco AS and Accenture.
Education: Master of Business Administration


Gro Bakstad

Executive Vice President Mail Division (since September 2012)


Born: 1966
Previous positions: Senior Vice President/CFO at Posten Norge AS, financial advisor in Procorp, Director of Finance at Ocean Rig
Education: Master of Economics and Business Administration and state-authorised public accountant


Per Öhagen

Executive Vice President E-commerce and Logistics Division (since January 2018)


Born: 1971
Previous positions: Global director of Hillebrand Group, CEO of Lagena Distribution, CEO of Sona Consulting AB, Supply Chain Manager at Apoteket AB.
Education: Master of Industrial Engineering and Business Logistics

Erik Roth

Executive Vice President Freight Division (since October 2018)


Born: 1975
Previous positions: Head of Group Organizational Development at Posten Norge, Head of Group Organizational Development and also Head of HR in the Nordic Logistics division at Posten Norge and  Head of BU International Freight Forwarding at Posten Norge.

Education:  MSc in Engineering and MSc in Business Administration


Thomas Tscherning

Executive Vice President Express (since June 2017)

Thomas Tscherning

Born: 1961
Previous positions: Executive Vice President Logistics Nordic Division, Manager for parcel and express operations at Logistics Nordic Division, CEO of Box Delivery, founder and CEO of several express delivery companies.
Education: Degree in Economics