Do you want to report objectionable conditions?

In Posten and Bring, there must be acceptance for raising concerns and speaking out about objectionable conditions. By objectionable conditions, we mean breach of laws and regulations, and of our ethical guidelines.

Bud fra Bring leverer pakke

To ensure that those who drive for Posten and Bring have a safe place to report objectionable conditions, we have created an e-mail address you can use.

You are encouraged to report if you believe there is reason to suspect criminal or objectionable circumstances

By objectionable conditions, we mean conditions that are against

  • Laws and regulations such as the Working Environment Act
  • Posten's ethical standard for suppliers
  • Ethical norms that are widely accepted in the society
  • Financial crime, embezzlement, theft of goods, whether this affects customers or others
  • Breach of health, environmental and safety regulations

Offenses and criminal offenses are always considered objectionable.

Examples of objectionable conditions are

  • Danger to life or health
  • Corruption or other economic crime, abuse of authority
  • Unsanitary working environment
  • Breach of personal data security


What can you not report?

  •  Internal conditions, such as personal conflicts, or the like
  • Circumstances that are perceived as objectionable based on one's own political or ethical convictions
  • Disagreement regarding how to perform the work
  • •Poor personal chemistry and personal conflicts

Before making contact, you should therefore ask yourself:

  • Do I have a basis for the criticism?
  • Who should I tell?

It is possible to report anonymously. We encourage you to give your name when you contact us about matters you believe may be objectionable. That way, we will have the best possible basis for following up if there is a need for conversations or further information. In some cases, it can be difficult. Please try to provide as much information as possible so that we who receive the notification have a basis for assessing the matter in more detail. We may be prevented from investigating an anonymous notification if it does not contain sufficient information. Investigations to identify anonymous whistleblowers shall not take place.

How does Posten and Bring handle such inquiries?

• All notifications are taken seriously and treated in confidence

• The notifying person must be protected against personal retaliation

• We, who receive the notification, will ensure that the case is handled properly.

• The notifying person will receive confirmation that the notification has been received, and receive information about the outcome of the case, unless you are anonymous.

• We who receive the notification will consider the matter as soon as possible.

• Before further processing of the case, you may be contacted for further clarification

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